We design and hand-make staple jewellery pieces from precious metals. Our mission is to make jewellery personal and attainable. Our minimal aesthetic balances timeless designs with a trendy edge so you can wear our pieces no matter the occasion. We price fairly and we use the best materials — no cutting corners.

We're located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, and we design and craft many of our pieces with our own hands right here in the shop. Dahab is operated by a small team, and was founded to fill a gap in the market. We set out to make jewellery we wanted, but could not find. Many of our pieces are inspired by our culture, and jewellery found in the middle east. We wanted to bring that style to North America and introduce it to a whole new group of people.


Our gold jewellery is carefully hand-crafted and assembled using 14k solid gold. Why 14k? 14k gold is the perfect ratio for shine and durability. You'll never want to take it off, and you don't have to - this perfect balance creates pieces made to be worn every day.

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Fair Pricing

Historically, the jewellery industry has been notorious for long supply chains and massive markups. As an alternative to this, some brands have begun to offer cheaper alternatives online. Fashion and costume jewellery have become more popular, but for us, this didn't cut it.

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